What is corporate responsibility?

For us, it means making the best possible choices for people and the environment at every level of our company. From the selection of our products and the organisation of our working environment to the communication with our customers. And we want to continue to focus on corporate social responsibility in the future. We are gradually coming closer to a green, environmentally conscious, and healthier world.    


A.S.Adventure is part of Yonderland owned by the private equity organisation PAI Partners. They also impose strict CSR standards on the companies in their portfolio.

1. With love for Our Planet

Buying as sustainably as possible and making responsible choices: because we are all outdoor lovers, we like to make it as easy as possible for our customers. With our own sustainability label With love for Our Planet, we are therefore shifting up a gear in our product range. We made a selection of sustainable products, which we base on labels from third parties that have high standards regarding materials, production, ethical responsibility and commitment to our planet.


Finding your way around sustainable labels

2. Recycling & upcycling

“We are aware of the preciousness and scarcity of natural resources. That is why we are strongly committed to the circular economy: through recycling and upcycling, we harvest the raw materials of tomorrow.”


It’s a given for us to eat and drink from reusable cups, bottles, and plates. But we prefer to go one step further.

  • When possible, we give products a second life. Slightly damaged clothing, shoes and backpacks are donated to various social initiatives: organisation Kamiano for the homeless, cultural education organisation Das Kunst, the Kringwinkel and Wereld Missie Hulp.
  • Materials that are returned to our After Sales Service also get a new chance at one of the initiatives mentioned above.
  • Food items that have passed their sell-by date are brought to the Food Bank in Mortsel once a month. 
  • Where possible, we recycle our window stickers into reusable shopping bags.
  • We always choose FSC certified* wood for our Store fittings.

A small effort for us, a big difference for the environment. 


* The FSC label guarantees sourcing from a responsible origin, i.e. from sustainably managed forests and/or recycling.

Learn how to buy sustainably and take care of the outdoors

3. Recycle Box

You are looking for something new, but you do not want to contribute to the waste dump? Drop your worn-out clothes and shoes in the Recycle Boxes at various A.S.Adventure Stores. We will make them ready for use again: repaired, recycled or as new raw materials!


Discover the Recycle Boxes

4. Care & Repair

The key to sustainability, the remedy for fast fashion? Keeping your beloved things in top condition. Then they will last all the longer and you will enjoy them all the more!


Taking good care of your outdoor equipment is one thing, but taking care of it properly is another. At A.S.Adventure you will find technical outdoor equipment which requires specific maintenance methods. That's why we are happy to teach you the tricks of the trade. Do you trust your Gore-Tex jacket or down sleeping bag more in the hands of professionals? Then make use of our washing, repair and retouching service!


Keep your gear in top condition

5. Ecological causes

“Thanks to our partnership, Natuurpunt was able to preserve and protect nearly 26,000 hectares of nature reserve in Flanders, volunteers from Natagora restored more than 4,200 hectares of a nature reserve in Wallonia, and we have already protected 60,000 hectares* of rainforest in the Amazon via Cool Earth.”

* This is the size of approx. 88,000 football fields.


We take action to preserve our beautiful planet with the support of our customers. Our ecological causes Cool Earth, EOCA, Natuurpunt, and Natagora do not remain on the sidelines, but actively battle to protect the diversity and quality of our natural environment, both locally and abroad.


Read more

6. BeeOdiversity

Two BeeOdiversity hives have been buzzing with activity for several years now at our headquarters in Hoboken. With almost 100,000 bees on our land, we contribute to the conservation and stimulation of biodiversity.”


Increasingly more plant and animal species are going extinct, thus disrupting the natural balance and threatening the disappearance of entire ecosystems. And the survival of the bees is also at risk. Regeneration and protection of bees are crucial to maintain the diversity of our diet.

7. We Care

“With the ‘We Care’ programme, we ensure a healthy mind in a healthy (outdoor) body for every employee. This includes things like an innovative environment that provides inspiration. But our employees are also (literally) given the space to be creative and feel good.”


Sincerely happy employees in an inspiring working environment give the best of themselves with passion. Together, they all determine the success of A.S.Adventure. We also like to pamper our colleagues. By investing in their well-being, we simultaneously ensure growth: a great win-win! Together, we push boundaries every day.

8. Ayacucho & Solid partnership

“A knitting workshop that provides work for underprivileged women, shelters for teenage mothers, and a cheese factory that uses its profits to finance social projects in the region. These are the projects we support annually using the proceeds from our Ayacucho® products.


Solid is working on sustainable community development in Peru, India, and Kenya. A.S.Adventure donates funds to Solid for every Ayacucho® product sold. The foundation is a strong model in which we encourage people to work so that they benefit from it in the long term. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” Together, we create opportunities for those who really need it.


Read more

9. Sustainable printed matter

“With all the printed matter that we produce daily – from leaflets to the A.S.Magazine – we feel that it is our responsibility to impose strict ecological requirements upon our printers. We thoroughly study how we can make a difference per type of printed matter.”    


From recycling, the use of paper with FSC labelling (i.e. sustainability guaranteed), and ecological inks to heat recovery and CO2-neutral printing techniques: every printing house that A.S.Adventure works with makes special efforts to keep their environmental impact as low as possible. It is a must for us and the planet!


These are our ecological printers

10. Sustainable web packaging

No more plastic shipping packaging and more efficient handling


“At A.S.Adventure, we put our money where our mouth is. We have been looking for a more sustainable solution for our packaging for a long time now. In 2020, all the (FSC-certified*) pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place.”


* The FSC label guarantees sourcing from a responsible origin, i.e. from sustainably managed forests and/or recycling.


The new web packaging has optimised dimensions so that less air is transported. It is also easier and quicker for our employees to use and handle. We also said goodbye to plastic tape and white plastic bags. From now on, we’re using FSC-certified paper packaging and boxes! There is only plastic around the products themselves, but we would like to make future online shipments 100% plastic-free. Curious about how we plan to do that?


Almost 100% plastic-free

Sustainable advice

That greener, healthier world we talked about earlier? Anyone can help us achieve it; even a small adjustment can have a big impact.

Make your adventures ecologically responsible

A shared, yet also personal responsibility


“You’re probably familiar with the expression ‘the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page’. Discovering the world is an adventure and we can only encourage it. As long as it’s done in a responsible manner.”



It is up to each of us to deal with our travel consumption with common sense. For example, save air travel for longer holidays, offset your CO2 emissions, and avoid flights for short city trip. This is a smart investment with an eye on the future, such as new train and bus connections. And if you calculate the emissions of your travel plans on Treecological, you might still opt for that walking or cycling holiday nearby. We’ve already found the most sustainable (ways to) travel.

Don’t let microplastics escape

Reduce the impact of microfibre pollution


“At A.S.Adventure, we love brands that are actively involved with the environment, for example, by following certain regulations or presenting the right labels. Thanks to our private label Ayacucho jacket, made from recycled PET bottles, we too are focusing on recycling plastics.”    


When you wash synthetic clothing, minuscule particles of plastic are unavoidably released, which make their way to the oceans via wastewater and pose a major threat to the environment. This is why we encourage everyone to wash these on a shorter, colder cycle and to air out your clothing instead of washing them unnecessarily.  


More about microplastics

The origin of alpaca wool

Alpacas and small farmers deserve a good life


“We should be grateful that we can use natural products from animals to keep us warm. So we must treat these animals with respect.”


The knitwear products of our private labels Ayacucho and Nosho are made in Solid’s knitting workshop in Peru. The alpaca wool comes from animals that can graze outside and walk around on a huge terrain. They get shelter, good nutrition, and they are sheared once a year.


Shearing is done correctly; it’s actually quite necessary: otherwise, the alpacas may suffer from excess wool growth. By the way, did you know that alpaca wool has a low environmental impact with a large socio-economic impact? In fact, 99% of the farmers are small farmers with alpacas. So you are helping twice – as long as you buy from brands such as Ayacucho and Nosho, which are transparent and fair in the origin of the wool.

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