Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is one big journey full of peaks and curves where we always want to make the best and fairest choices for people and the environment. Our goal? Always striving for improvement, impact, and innovation. We know our responsibility and we take it as best we can, every step of the way. Not empty words, but a real commitment.

Our approach?

At A.S.Adventure, we take a thorough approach. We look at every aspect and detail of our business to see which improvements can be made. And then we actively work on it: from offering a more eco-conscious product ra and repairing your clothing and gear, to our tangible carbon reductions, River Cleanups, and support for the underprivileged (both on a national and international level).


There are a lot of actions we take, always with a bigger picture in mind. These are the six areas under which all our sustainability projects and responsible efforts can be situated:

More eco-conscious products

The longer it lives, the less it impacts.

That’s why at A.S.Adventure you’ll find quality clothing and equipment that lasts. And we are happy to guide you through the responsible features of our products.

To help you make informed choices, we developed our own label. Do you see the ‘Our Planet’ logo next to a product? Then you know it’s a more ecologically responsible choice because it meets some of our sustainability criteria. Just think of products made of (partly) recycled materials, or deliberate lower water consumption within the production process.
More about ‘Our Planet’
By extending the lifespan of clothing and equipment, we prevent goods from ending up in landfills (far too early). That’s the circular economy in a nutshell. So, the idea behind Care & Repair is simple: we offer professional services (such as repairs, maintenance, and our laundry service), as well as DIY tips that you can use yourself to keep your things in tiptop shape for longer.
Discover Care & Repair
The right gear makes or breaks any adventure. But it’s also a shame (and waste) to buy a whole set of equipment that will only go unused and take up (a lot of) space during the rest of the year. That’s why A.S.Adventure invests in the sharing economy: we maintain and rent out a lot of equipment, so that it is used effectively and does not lie around gathering dust. Better for the environment and for your wallet.
Rent your equipment

Protecting nature

Nature is the place where we, as human beings, can mentally unwind and physically indulge ourselves. It is the green lungs as well as the blue veins of our planet. But unfortunately, our way of life puts a lot of pressure on nature. That is why A.S.Adventure is actively committed to a number of green partners. Not just to be trendy or since the Covid era, but from the very beginning. Because we believe that future generations should be able to enjoy the same relaxation and adventures as we do.

Discover our ecological partners

Supporting people

We support underprivileged families and teenagers with our own brand, Ayacucho. One percent of every product sold goes directly to support Solid and TADA. This is how we create impact both internationally and locally.

Since 2009, we have been a proud partner of Solid, a Belgian organisation working on sustainable community development in Peru, India, and Kenya. In concrete terms, they set up weaving and knitting workshops in underprivileged areas, for example, where workers are paid a fair wage. They then reinvest the proceeds in a social safety net for the local community.
More info about Solid

Local support through TADA

Since the end of 2022, we joined forces with TADA, short for ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir. Their goal is to make vulnerable teenagers in Brussels more self-reliant. They do this with a free weekend school, inspiring workshops, and valuable internships that motivate young people to make something of their lives. Passionate CEOs and public figures are often committed to this, and A.S.Adventure will soon be too.
Find out more about TADA

Reducing and upcycling waste

We also take responsibility when it comes to waste. On the one hand, we make an effort to create less waste; on the other, we reintegrate it wherever possible. This includes things like donations, recycling, and upcycling. Something we are increasingly working on!

Sorting even better and optimising our waste flows: this is how we aim to reduce residual waste within A.S.Adventure by up to 50% in 2023 compared to 2022. We have also optimised our web packaging so that it transports less air, and we no longer send a return label as standard: less waste of paper! Wondering how we reduce plastic?
Here’s how we tackle plastic
Not everything that has to go is ‘waste’. Our leftover stock goes to homeless people and food banks via non-profit organisation Kamiano, for example: nothing valuable goes to waste! Donated items from our Recycle Boxes also get a new life: they are repaired and given a second chance through Wereld Missie Hulp, or they are upcycled, like the old tents we turned into fitting room curtains and toiletry bags as an experiment in 2022. And if there is really nothing left to do with it, the items are recycled into new raw materials.
Here’s what you can donate

Together we are (even) stronger

Corporate responsibility is one of A.S.Adventure’s absolute focal points, and we are not alone in that. Our company is part of the Yonderland Group, Europe’s largest outdoor retailer, which means we are also part of their 5 year sustainability plan.

Read Yonderland’s sustainability report

Towards a net zero enterprise

Renewable energy contracts, new LED lighting, more electric company cars, and optimised heating, air conditioning, and logistics processes. Thanks to those interventions, we are already CO2 neutral today in terms of our direct emissions, and we offset the rest. Our goal is to be completely climate-neutral as a company by 2050. We are already well on our way!

Critical questions? We are happy to answer them!

Questions are free. Do you wonder what we are doing to make our (web) packaging more sustainable, whether we can guarantee that the products we sell were made in correct working conditions, or what we are doing to limit the impact of microplastics? We collected the most frequently asked questions on various topics around the theme of 'sustainability' (in the broad sense of the word) and tell you our honest answers.

Frequently asked questions and our honest answers

Recent initiatives in the spotlight

There is a lot of information on this page, but rest assured that we are also taking a lot of action. Seeing is believing, which is why we are happy to share some of our most recent initiatives here.

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