About Garmin - Innovative sports watches, smartwatches, and heart rate monitors that last longer are what Garmin stands for. For decades, their wearable technology has been encased in scratch-resistant glass and hard-wearing metal frames, without compromising on style and elegance. The solar smartwatches are an environmentally friendly way to make sure you never have a low battery. The diverse range of apps and applications, including calling and payment, is regularly expanded. As the icing on the cake, Garmin is a real standout when it comes to GPS and wireless navigation.


Use the Garmin Venu 2 to easily connect your voice assistant (Siri, Google, or Bixby) to your smartwatch. Measure your energy level, track your stress, and get detailed information about the quality of your sleep. Do you need a moment of rest? Garmin Venu’s mindful breathing exercises will help you find the balance in yourself again.  


The Garmin Fēnix is perfect for all workouts, no matter how challenging: Garmin stays by your side. Measure your heart rate and oxygen level during exercise and stay hydrated with a moisture balance meter, including reminders to keep drinking. The Garmin Fēnix also lets you measure your body’s fitness age, compared to your actual age. The Garmin Fēnix will also assist you in all your relaxing outdoor adventures, large or small. There are several models available.


The Garmin Forerunner is for athletes who push themselves to the limit. Whether you’re doing a triathlon, trail running, or training for a marathon, this watch is your mini personal coach. Easily and quickly see your performance condition, training load, and intensity of your workout. Be guided by the expert coaches and free workout routines from Garmin Coach. There are several models available.


The Garmin VivoActive lets you follow your workouts – including animations – on your wrist. Enjoy the many built-in sports apps and the Garmin Coach. In need of a change? You can easily create personal workouts based on your own fitness level using the Garmin VivoActive. You can listen to your favourite music anytime and anywhere during your workout. This smartwatch is waterproof so you can even swim and dive with it. Available in the Garmin VivoActive 4 and 4S.


The Garmin Edge is the ultimate compact GPS for cycling. You can easily navigate through natural areas and different terrains using the colour screen, which displays all the route information that you need hands-free while on the road, including navigation alerts. The Garmin Edge calculates your personal best route based on billions of route data. Nice bonus: you can even communicate with your travelling companions. There are several models available.


The US company Garmin started designing durable and accurate navigation technology for the aviation and marine industries in 1989. Today, their advanced techniques are also available to the general public, whatever their challenge.

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