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CKS Women

Looking for an outfit that will make you instantly happy? Then you’re in the right place with CKS clothing: 100% Belgian-made fashion for women! Step out of your comfort zone with bold colours, unique prints, and high-quality fabrics. Combine an elegant blouse and dressy trousers for an office outfit or match a cosy jumper with a cheerful skirt for a brunch out on the town!


Checks, stripes, flowers, abstract patterns: energetic prints are in the DNA of CKS Ladies. And whereas big brands often don’t design prints themselves but simply buy them, CKS prefers to keep that in-house. Designer Sophie Espitalié draws everything herself using a pen, brush, large paintbrush, or even spray can


And those prints are taken from life. Are the fields full of flowers? Then there’ll be even more hand-drawn flowers on your new favourite dress. Is it raining outside? Then the design team dreams up sunnier places, adding extra colour to the t-shirts and jumpsuits. Pair them with a colourful belt and you’re totally ready for the party. 


What’s CKS’s goal? To design outfits that you feel good in and that make you shine for more than one season. Expect high quality, both in terms of finish and materials, so you can enjoy your favourite ensemble for even longer. Because local fashion never goes out of fashion

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