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Discover our laundry service

You have carefully selected your outdoor clothing and equipment. So, naturally, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. How do you do that? By maintaining your equipment regularly and correctly. For example, you cannot wash a synthetic filling in the same way as down, and waterproof is not the same as water-repellent. Proper maintenance will extend the lifespan of your favourite travel gear and improve its performance.


Don’t know where to start? Then leave it to our professionals and use our laundry service. We make sure that your material is freshly washed by our in-house laundry service so that you can start a new adventure! Service meets sustainability.

New: your permanent advantage

Your ski, outdoor and/or cycling clothes freshly washed? Use our laundry service! They will also be made water-repellent again. Moreover, you get 25% discount on our laundry service from 4 pieces.

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What can you have laundered?

•    Waterproof jackets (hardshells)

•    Water-repellent jackets (softshells)

•    Technical outdoor trousers

•    Winter sports jackets and trousers

•    Down jackets

•    Synthetic sleeping bags

•    Down sleeping bags

Overview of laundry service prices

 Explore More Member 

 Regular price



 Jackets: 21

 3 in 1 jacket: 27,50

 Trousers: € 13,50

 Ski suit (onesie): € 27,50

 Jackets: € 30

 3 in 1 jacket: 40

 Trousers: € 20

 Ski suit (onesie): € 40





 Jackets: 13,50

 3 in 1 jacket: € 21

 Trousers: 10

 Ski suit (onesie): € 21

 Jackets: 20

 3 in 1 jacket: € 30

 Trousers: € 15

 Ski suit (onesie): € 30



 Sleeping bag: € 27,50

 Sleeping bag: € 40
 You get 25% discount on our laundry service from 4 pieces*.
 *Items may be combined.


Pay with eco cheques

Did you know that you can use your eco cheques for our laundry service?
Taking care of your clothing is also taking care of the planet!

How can you make use of our laundry service?

•    Take your equipment to your nearest A.S.Adventure Store.

•    You will receive an email from us one to two weeks after drop-off letting you know that you can pick up your freshly laundered items from your A.S.Adventure store. Payment is only made upon collection.

Your permanent advantage

Use our laundry service! Moreover, as a Explore More member, you get 25% discount on our laundry service from 4 pieces.

Sustainable laundry products

We use the environmentally friendly and FPC-free products from Grangers for all our laundering and impregnation work. So when you use our laundry service, you’re not only taking extra care of your clothing, but of nature as well!

Cleaning and impregnation

Our laundry experts always carry out two steps:

1. First, your belongings are thoroughly cleaned.

2. They are then re-impregnated.


Why exactly? Because the DWR layer on the outside of your gear wears off over time. Impregnating your belongings restores the fabric’s water-repellent properties and breathability. The raindrops will then visibly ‘bead’ off the fabric again. Your waterproof clothing will be as good as new in no time!


Please note that softshells and down are water-repellent, not waterproof. However, they can also benefit from an impregnating agent. Here, too, it increases the fabric’s water-repellent properties and breathability.

Why is laundering so important?

Do you ever wonder what the point of regularly washing and impregnating your gear is? Here’s why:


•    Clothing and sleeping bags that are laundered regularly and correctly last much longer. It’s better for you because you can enjoy your high-quality gear for longer and it’s better for our planet.


•    The technical properties of your material (waterproofing, breathability, insulation, etc.) will slowly but surely decrease. Washing them according to the correct method and using the correct products will make your gear like new again!


•    The down filling of your jacket or sleeping bag will be clean again and reach its maximum volume because we use large, industrial dryers and dryer balls.


•    We have all the know-how in-house. We launder your technical outdoor clothing with the greatest care and using the correct, sustainable products from Grangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoying your outdoor equipment for longer starts with proper maintenance. The appropriate care methods are required because these are technical fabrics. By making time for this regularly or by having your items laundered by us, you ensure that your gear is as good as new. In short: if you take good care of your equipment, you will be able to enjoy it longer!

Ordinary detergents are not suitable for technical clothing. They contain acids, for example, which affect the membrane of your clothing. In addition, ordinary detergent can leave a residue that attracts water droplets. This is very damaging to your raincoat, as it will lose its waterproofing. So the use of ordinary detergent is really out of the question for your technical equipment.

Great question! At A.S.Adventure, we are specialised in the maintenance of outdoor clothing, both for cleaning and impregnation (making it water-repellent again). We also use PFC-free soap.

Long-term and intensive use will wear out the water-repellent Durable Water Repellency Layer, or DWR for short, on the outside of your jacket, trousers, or sleeping bag. By re-impregnating it, you renew this important layer.

Our laundry experts wash and impregnate your and your children’s technical jackets and trousers. We also give winter sports clothing, down jackets, and sleeping bags the best possible washing and impregnation treatment.

Prices depend on the type of clothing. The maintenance of a jacket costs more than that of a pair of trousers, simply because there is more fabric involved.
Explore More members enjoy a discount on our laundry service. This is our community of active people who like to go outdoors. We like to pamper our loyal customers with lots of inspiration, tips, and advantages. Would you like to become an Explore More member? Then register at the checkout of your next purchase in the shop or online. Or subscribe to our newsletter, and you will also become a member for free!

All Explore More advantages
Overview prices laundry service

Your items will be ready for you again in your nearest A.S.Adventure store one to two weeks after drop-off.

First, we clean your belongings thoroughly with the correct, sustainable Grangers products. Then everything is re-impregnated. With Grangers eco-friendly products we minimise the ecological impact.

We use Grangers products. This maintenance brand has over 80 years of experience and a passion for protection. Their packaging consists of 100% recycled plastic, including that collected from the ocean. The products are PFC-free and water-based. The Bluesign label on all their products makes clear why: Grangers is synonymous with sustainability – for your belongings and the planet!

Discover the products from Grangers

No, that’s not a requirement. Even if you shopped elsewhere, we are here to advise and assist you.

This service is only available to Explore More members. Not a member yet? But this can be arranged in the store or online quickly.

Become an Explore More member

Don’t worry; our experts in the laundry service are here to help. They know exactly what to do, even when there is no longer a care label on your jacket or sleeping bag.

No, A.S.Adventure offers you a two-year warranty on all your purchases in any case. That doesn’t change, but thanks to the laundry service, you can enjoy your product for a lot longer than two years.

Yes, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove all the stains effectively. But even if the stain is still visible, your gear will be in top condition for new adventures.

Good preparation is key. You can do this in advance: close all zips and Velcro fasteners, and check if the pockets are empty. Remove any cleaning cloths for your (sun)glasses from your winter sports jacket. Our laundry experts will thank you!

Whites are laundered separately, so there is no need to worry: your white jacket will not suddenly turn grey.

We want all your new acquisitions to last as long as possible, which is why we offer various maintenance services and repairs in the A.S.Adventure Warranty – Care – Repair Department.


Our service does not stop with your purchase; we offer full service and greatly believe in the importance of correctly maintaining your product, so that you can enjoy it as long as possible. That also fits in with our sustainable mindset: service meets sustainability.

In the exceptional case that your technical clothing or sleeping bag shows a defect after washing, we will see if this damage can be repaired free of charge. If a repair seems impossible, we can offer you a voucher of the purchase price. A refund is not possible.

Have your shoes maintained as well!

Trust our shoe experts to give our hiking shoes a thorough maintenance.

Have your shoes serviced

On the way to sustainable purchases

Do you have a preference for environmentally friendly purchases? It’s the right thing to do. This is why we will be happy to keep you informed about the different labels you can find in our range. An extra word of explanation about the raw materials used, ecological materials and sustainable production is a bonus.
Check the sustainability guide

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