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Mid season discounts: up to 40% off fashion & kids >


About KOMONOKOMONO is the go-to label for accessories lovers. From stylish watches to classy sunglasses and matching cords - that’s right, Komono has thought it all out, down to the smallest of details. KOMONO, with its modern designs, is a breath of fresh air in the world of accessories. And now matter how bold, every design is equally affordable.


From hip retro vibes to daring futuristic designs or more timeless frames - the KOMONO sunglasses collection has something for everyone. And why stick to just one pair? There are so many fun models to choose from. Pick a different style for every occasion. After all, with the right pair of sunglasses, you’re guaranteed to make a statement and complete your look. And don’t forget a trendy matching cord!


Less is more... Do you agree? Then the elegant KOMONO watches are just what you need! KOMONO is a brand that keeps a finger on the pulse of everything fashion, so you’re sure to wear a future-proof design on your wrist. KOMONO watches are always fashionable. And anyway, elegance never goes out of style.


KOMONO was founded recently, in 2009, but has meanwhile become a must in the world of accessories. This Belgian brand ensures you make a stylish impression at any occasion. What’s more, most designs are gender-neutral, so you can simply choose what you like best. After all, why put your personality in a box? Go off the beaten track with KOMONO.

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