About Ayacucho -  When an urban lifestyle meets the great outdoors… Ayacucho, A.S.Adventure’s own house brand, has all the outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories you need to brave all your adventures – in the city or out in nature – as comfortably as possible. 

The Ayacucho collection is produced with respect for humans, animals and the planet. All suppliers are required to meet the demands of the international BSCI certificate, with its strict standards related to working conditions and the environmental impact. Ranging from fair wages and correct materials to the environmentally-friendly Bionic Finish Eco used to make our clothing water-repellent. There is also strict control that the down used in Ayacucho jackets is not sourced from live-plucked animals.

And, what’s more, with every Ayacucho product you purchase, you support Solid, an organisation that participates in sustainable community development in India, Kenya and in Ayacucho, the region in Peru, after which our brand was named in 2009.

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The Randonneur

Nature. Close by or far away.

A passion. It’s ok for time to fly by.

As long as you experience it in your own way.

The Ayacucho Atlantis Eco Jacket is a small packable rain mac made from the sustainable material of old PET bottles. It’s perfectly waterproof, compact foldable and PFC-free. Having a waterproof rating of 10,000 mm, it provides adequate protection from normal showers.

Ayacucho & Solid

 Close ties


Ayacucho was established in 2009 as a partnership between A.S.Adventure and Solid. A.SAdventure wanted to contribute to sustainable development and was attracted by the community work this Belgian organisation is involved in. 

Solid is active in, among other places, Ayacucho, a poor and not easily accessible area in the Andes in Peru. Solid wants to give the underpriviliged population a new start by providing training for farmers and running a refuge for teenage mothers. Solid also initiates projects in India, Kenya, Tanzania, and nationally, for underpriviliged adolescents.

Part of the proceeds of each Ayacucho item sold is sent directly to Solid.

Help to create a better world. Wear Ayacucho. 

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