Ayacucho® is the love child of A.S.Adventure and the Belgian development organisation Solid. It’s been a success story for everyone: from homegrown adventurers to local communities in Peru, Kenya, and India. From a waterproof jacket to comfy slippers and cool T-shirts, we send you on your way with high-quality products made from materials that will last for years. Ayacucho® also makes a difference with fair wages, environmentally friendly Bionic Finish Eco to make the clothing water-repellent, and a strict ban on down from live-plucked animals.


Ayacucho® is there for good and bad days. Is the weather bad? Then a softshell jacket is your best friend. A brisk wind on a chilly day is no match for such a softshell: windproof, water-repellent, and extremely comfortable. It will do you good in the urban jungle as well as in the forest. Of course, the brand is also available for men: they can beat all kinds of weather conditions in a warm fleece and comfortable hiking trousers, both with or without zips!


They’ve even thought of the smallest adventurers. Hello, warm jacket and super-soft fleece jumper! There are even kid-sized sleeping bags and a trekking backpack. Ayacucho® junior envelops your kids in sustainable adventures from head to toe.


We have been joining forces with Solid to help eradicate poverty since 2009. This organisation invests in community development, intensive training programmes, and assistance for vulnerable groups. We in turn sell the Ayacucho®collection, which generates new funds for existing and new initiatives.


In short, it’s a brand with a mission. Made with respect for people and the environment. Appreciated by a community with vision and conviction. Solidarity with the world as a sustainable foundation. Now for each other and together for later. Ayacucho®, designed for generations.

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This Jaipur bomber fleece jacket from Ayacucho is perfect for going outside on cool, dry days. An ideal item for warm jumper days. The fleece is made of Polyester, a durable fibre that doesn't hold a lot of moisture and therefore insulates well, even when it's a little damp. The pockets can be closed with a zip.

Ayacucho & Solid

 Close ties


Ayacucho was established in 2009 as a partnership between A.S.Adventure and Solid. A.SAdventure wanted to contribute to sustainable development and was attracted by the community work this Belgian organisation is involved in. 

Solid is active in, among other places, Ayacucho, a poor and not easily accessible area in the Andes in Peru. Solid wants to give the underpriviliged population a new start by providing training for farmers and running a refuge for teenage mothers. Solid also initiates projects in India, Kenya, Tanzania, and nationally, for underpriviliged adolescents.

Part of the proceeds of each Ayacucho item sold is sent directly to Solid.

Help to create a better world. Wear Ayacucho. 

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