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About Ayacucho


Ayacucho makes quality outdoor clothing that functions to a high standard in challenging environments. Ayacucho clothing is designed to be both carefully sourced and technologically advanced, giving your adventure the welcome combination of responsibility, comfort and style.


Ayacucho clothing and equipment is inspired by the people of the Ayacucho region, and designed with a focus on responsible, careful sourcing and modern-day technological advancement. Combining comfort and style, Ayacucho clothing is ideally suited to any environment- whether you're tackling the trek to work or climbing Snowdon at the weekend.

Discover this spring !

Ayacucho’s new Pacer Jacket will keep you dry

  • An extremely breathable membrane efficiently carries away sweat, keeping you dry
  • The very best protection thanks to the windproof and water-repellent outer layer
  • Low weight = high level of comfort, both for hikers and cyclists

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