About Meindl - The superior fit of Meindl shoes takes into account that your left and right foot aren't always exactly the same length, let alone width. Unlike shoes produced to standard sizes, your Meindls will not start pinching, squeezing or rubbing any time soon. Meindl offers a wide range of comfortable hiking shoes for male and female hiking fans of all shapes and sizes, all tailored to your personal anatomy.     


Meindl used an innovative version of the traditional ‘last’ to develop its Comfort Fit Wellness shoes: the shoe-moulding tool is wider but still offers a snug fit, with more room for your toes. Your foot is straighter, meaning less strain is put on your muscles. The Meindl MFS Vakuum® line combines a sturdy outside layer with a special, soft inner layer that shapes around your foot without compromising on support. These shoes fit perfectly and lighten the load on your feet while you walk.


By selecting materials like cork and leather, Meindl makes use of the best nature has to offer for its hiking shoes. The cork soles are porous and breathable, meaning your feet will start to sweat much less quickly. The more you walk, the more the soft and supple leather used in a large number of hiking shoes starts to shape itself to your unique feet. Meindl has plenty to offer trekkers and mountain hikers too, including mountain hiking shoes that provide optimal walking comfort. Its waterproof models can withstand any weather. If you're looking for an added dash of walking comfort, models incorporating MFS® Memory Foam will be just your thing. This special memory foam shapes to your feet, meaning the pressure is spread across your feet much more effectively, reducing any pain in your joints after a hike.


What started in 1683 with the exquisite hand-made creations of Petrus Meindl has since grown into a brand producing millions of shoes every year, every pair of which will notably transform your hiking experience with their comfortable design. You can feel those 300 years of craftsmanship every step of the way! The quality and finish of every product is carefully monitored in the Meindl workshop. That way, you can rest assured your shoes will be the perfect fit, even if your feet are a little wider.


The innovative technologies that make Meindl shoes what they are have all been developed in Germany. As an exception to the rule, Meindl manufactures all its shoes in Europe. That means your pair has less far to travel, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint with every pair you buy. Great for your feet, and great for the planet!


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