Pocket knives

A good pocket knife is a real lifesaver when you go camping, trekking, or hiking. Whether you use it to prepare dinner, cut rope, or make wood shavings for your campfire, you are literally empty-handed without a knife. From simple folding knives and survival knives to Swiss Army knives with all kinds of tools, you’ll find all our pocket knives on this page.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about pocket knives

First, consider the intended uses. Just cutting or more? In addition, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer a folding knife or a fixed blade, and which extras are important to you.

In Belgium, you can own a knife, but you cannot use it as a weapon. You can carry a knife, but only if you are of age and have a legitimate reason to do so. For example, when hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Stiletto, throwing, butterfly, and drop point knives or switchblades are forbidden. Never wear your knife on your belt when you are in a public place or taking public transport. Do not leave the knife somewhere visible in your car. Always put the knife in a sheath when not in use and store it deep in your backpack.

A sharp knife is safer to work with than a blunt one because you need to apply less force and are therefore less likely to slip. The blade of a pocket knife becomes blunt due to use, but you can easily hone it using a whetstone or knife sharpener and thus sharpen the blade again.

A pocket knife and water do not go well together. Therefore, always dry your knife well after use. Frequent use can also cause sand and pocket lint to get into your pocket knife. Remove the lint using a cotton swab, remove the sand using a bellows with cleaning brush or compressed air in a canister, and then lubricate your pocket knife with a few drops of oil to keep it working smoothly. We don’t recommend completely disassembling your pocket knife because the warranty will then expire and the pocket knife is often difficult to reassemble.

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