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Name It

T-shirtstrousersjumpsuitsyou name it! Denmark’s Name It designs playful and affordable fashion for cool kids: from babies to toddlers to tweens and teens. Because while you may be (more than) a metre shorter than your parents, that doesn’t mean there isn’t (at least) an equally big style icon in you.


Do you have an adventurous little guy or daring little girl running around at home? Let them combine a warm jumper with a sturdy jeans and send them outside quickly. Is there a fashionista-to-be in your house instead? Let them choose a stylish shirt or elegant blouse and combine it with dressy trousers or a cheerful skirt!


For children, it is especially important that they enjoy playing and feel good about themselves. They make that a priority at Name It: fabrics like polyester and cotton are soft on the skin and stretch for every adventure. Name It children’s clothing can also take a beating: even lots of washes and falls can’t bring down these outfits.


And your kids’ clothing should be sustainable too, right? Good news: Name It already uses almost half organic cotton in their clothing, but aims to make it 100% by 2025. This way, the Danes want to create better conditions for the environment, the manufacturers, and the kids wearing the clothing. All this under the motto ‘Better together!

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