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Once and for all: at A.S.Adventure, we love nature. That’s why we want to do everything we can to preserve this diverse nature and biodiversity. We see this being a massive effort as well; we want to do more than just plant trees (although that is a good first step for many). And we don’t have to do it alone.


Together with our green partners and our customers, we have been working together for years to protect all those beautiful, wild places, both in Belgium and abroad. Because the fact that we like to be active outside also means that we have an impact on our environment. But don’t we all want future generations to have the same or better adventures than we do?


We are proud that we can make a difference together with you. So we’d also like to extend a big thank you to all of you for your support, including on behalf of the green partners and projects we support.

“We believe in our contribution and act on it”

A.S.Adventure’s ecological partners

Together with our green partners and projects, we are working towards increasing nature and wild places in Belgium, Europe, and the rest of the world. Our financial support goes directly to their initiatives to protect and maintain our planet. Time for an introduction.


Natuurpunt: standing strong together since 1998

Every day, enthusiastic volunteers devote themselves to protecting and improving the diversity and quality of the nature in your neighbourhood.

With more than 133,000 members and 27,000 hectares of green zones, Natuurpunt is the by far the largest environmental association in Flanders. Every year, its local divisions organise numerous activities, bringing people together to enjoy nature. Furthermore, it is actively involved in the government’s nature policy using private observations and scientific research groups. A.S.Adventure has been a loyal partner of these green do-gooders since 1998. Their expertise is therefore of great importance to guide us towards more nature conservation that is done properly.

What we have already achieved together:

•  In 2022, A.S.Adventure donated 5% of the Black Friday turnover to the preservation of the highest nature reserves in Belgium

•  27,000 hectares of nature reserve in Flanders, also thanks to the collaboration with A.S.Adventure

•  Signs for 11 A.S.Adventure hiking routes

•  Installation of benches, information boards, and beehives

•  Construction of a natural playground in the Grote Netewoud (Grote Nete Forest)

•  Publishing the Natuurpunt cycling and hiking guide

•  Expedition Natuurpunt partner

As from 2023, we will focus on:

•  Restoration of the Middenloop Zwalm tall oat grassland. We want to preserve biodiversity and improve CO2 storage and water buffering.

•  In the Scheldemeersen, we are committed to a higher groundwater level, CO2 storage in the wet subsoil, and the preservation of biodiversity and pools that are rich in vegetation. 

Natagora: on Wallonia’s green soil

Natuurpunt’s Walloon counterpart wants to stop the loss of biodiversity in Brussels and Wallonia.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, they maintain and restore 5,500 hectares of nature reserves, and organise numerous activities along green heritage sites, ranging from excursions to film presentations. Natagora’s top priority is to specifically protect the most endangered species. The tasks range from nest-building and hedge-planting right through to the development of environmental measures in partnership with local farmers.

We’ve accomplished this together:

•  In 2022, A.S.Adventure donated 5% of the Black Friday turnover to the preservation of the highest nature reserves in Belgium.

•  5,500 hectares of nature reserves in Wallonia, thanks to the cooperation with A.S.Adventure, among others.

•  From now on, we support the Nature Network, an eco-social project that gives you as a company, citizen or association the tools to welcome more biodiversity on the lands you manage.

•  Additional information: as of today, we co-support the 'Vallée de la Wimbe'. 


River Cleanup: not a green, but a blue partner

Eight billion kilograms of plastic wind up in the ocean every year. We can hardly imagine the magnitude of this amount. A large part of this pollution ends up in our oceans via the rivers. River Cleanup aims to intercept some of that plastic in the rivers before it arrives in the ocean. Because once it reaches the ocean, it spreads out even further and is much harder to clean up. 
Read more about River Cleanup
A.S.Adventure has been joining forces with River Cleanup since 2022. They’re our first blue partner in a list full of green partners and projects. In addition to an annual donation, action is central to this project. So we’re getting hands-on! We organised our own River Cleanup on 22 March 2022, on World Water Day. As a kick-off of a long-term collaboration, we collected no less than 200 kg of plastic in the Hobokense Polder and along the banks of the Scheldt. And we’re far from done.

Go Forest: a tree of a company

Let’s plan(t) the future together: that’s the Go Forest mission. This dynamic Belgian company has been planting trees since 2020. Not just anywhere, but exactly where they are most needed.

They encourage reforestation and agroforestry, so that the right trees grow and are maintained in the right regions. From the Netherlands to Italy, and far beyond the borders of Europe. And it’s not just biodiversity and carbon storage that will improve; the local economy and quality of life of the region will also be boosted. A.S.Adventure has been a proud partner in trees since 2023. We donated 23,629 euros, an amount that accounts for no less than 4,744 new trees.
Read more about Go Forest

Trees were planted at the following locations:

444 trees in Consomma (Italy): with this project, we are partially transforming a forest with mainly coniferous trees into a more diverse, natural, deciduous forest. This has a positive effect on biodiversity and resilience to climate change. 

1,800 trees in Dohan (Belgium): this reforestation project is necessary because the previous forest was completely affected by the bark beetle. The new forest is becoming more resilient due to a variety of tree species.

2,500 trees in Cunewalde (Germany): the previous forest consisted entirely of spruce trees, trees which had also been affected by the bark beetle. Here, too, our goal is to create a stable, resilient mixed forest. 


Cool Earth: the rainforest is cool

Deforestation in the rainforest – representing 21% of all CO2 emissions worldwide – is one of the major causes of climate change. Cool Earth works closely with indigenous peoples and rainforest communities to put an end to the deforestation and the threats to the ecosystems. This creates strong, confident communities that act as a human shield against the loggers. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed: Cool Earth’s unique approach has already been crowned with a Global Good Award for the category ‘International Sustainable Community’.


Together with Cool Earth, we at A.S.Adventure support six communities in the Peruvian Amazon, which preserve more than 70,000 hectares of rainforest. It’s an area that accounts for 29,545,585 trees and more than 26 million tons of stored carbon!

Read more about Cool Earth

What we achieved together:

•  60 families benefited from the nutrition pilot project in 2017

•  We installed 197 water taps in 2017

•  In 2018, 180 families were provided with sustainable livelihoods through cocoa cultivation and 82 families through coffee cultivation

•  In total, we have provided 90% of households with a better or more stable income

•  68% of the members of the Ayompari cocoa and coffee cooperative gained more clout to improve their own income

Read more about sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means making the best possible choices for people and the environment. From a more conscious product range and the repair of your gear, to more eco-conscious packaging and CO2 reductions: every link in our business deserves special attention.

Our approach

Our Planet

Would you like to buy more consciously? Then keep an eye out for our Our Planet products. When you see the Our Planet label next to a product online, you know for sure that you’re making a more sustainable choice. We’re happy to tell you about exactly how and why we make that selection.

More about Our Planet

Care & Repair

The better you care for your quality gear right now, the longer it will stay in top condition! Good for you and good for the planet. Because by enjoying your gear for many years to come, we really do make a difference in reducing that infamous mountain of waste.

Maintenance and repairs

Become savvy about responsible buying and take care of the outdoors

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