About Berghen - In 1993, the Vankeerberghen family dreamed of developing a Belgian hiking shoe brand that would be manufactured exclusively in Europe.

Passionate about shoes and loving the outdoors, the founders took the brand name and mountain logo from their family name.

Concerned about product quality, the brand works closely with Italian specialists and has expanded its range over time, with reasonable and sustainable growth. Its working method makes it possible to control the production and to trace the Berghen® shoe components.

Today, Berghen® offers a complete range of hiking boots from level A to C for the whole family. The team's attention is focused on the quality of materials, robustness and design, while maintaining a very competitive price/quality ratio.

The brand's objective : to enable families to enjoy nature in complete safety thanks to its water-resistant and breathable membranes, adherent Vibram soles and a very comfortable footwear.

For more than 25 years, Berghen® has been supporting families in the nature. 

Join us in this great adventure!        

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