New at A.S.Adventure: shoe care

We don’t need to convince you that walking is good for you. But did you know that regular maintenance is also good for your hiking shoes? You should clean your shoes after every hike, but give them a thorough cleaning on a regular basis as well. This way, you extend the life and improve the performance of your favourite hiking buddies.


Don’t know where to start with all those different kinds of materials and products? Do you prefer to leave such maintenance to a professional, or do you simply lack the time? Our in-house maintenance workshop prepares your shoes for a new adventure with the utmost of care.

Which shoes can be serviced?

You can bring in both waterproof and non-waterproof shoes for maintenance.

We maintain the following materials:

•    Leather hiking shoes

•    Suede hiking shoes

•    Nubuck hiking shoes

•    Textile hiking shoes

•    Synthetic material hiking shoes

Before & after

A comprehensive approach

During the maintenance, we thoroughly clean your shoes, after which we re-impregnate them, and/or give them an in-depth wax treatment. Make sure you have removed the worst of the dirt from your hiking shoes and bring them into your A.S.Adventure store dry and free of mud (‘brush clean’). 


Our shoe experts always work in three steps:

Step 1: Cleaning the inside

Waterproof shoes (Gore-Tex or other membrane) are first cleaned on the inside to remove all salt crystals and bacteria.

Step 2: Cleaning the outside


We clean your shoes thoroughly with a cleaning product. All underlying dirt is removed very effectively.


Step 3: Impregnation or waxing


This will restore the fabric’s watertightness and breathability. The raindrops will then visibly ‘bead’ off the material again. 

Overview of shoe maintenance prices

 Explore More Member

 Regular price

 Leather, suede, nubuck: € 19

 Textile, synthetic material: € 15

 Leather, suede, nubuck: € 25

 Textile, synthetic material: € 20



 Kids: € 15

 Kids: € 20

Members of Explore More enjoy extra benefits, advantageous maintenance is one of them. Sign up for free and enjoy all Explore More benefits.

Betaal met ecocheques!

Did you know that you can use your ecocheques for this maintenance service? 

Taking care of your hiking shoes is also taking care of the planet!

How can you make use of our shoe maintenance service?

•    Brush your shoes clean and let them dry when necessary.

•    Bring your shoes to your A.S.Adventure store.

•    You will receive an email from us one to two weeks after drop-off letting you know that you can pick up your shoes from your A.S.Adventure store. Payment is only made upon collection.

Sustainable maintenance products

We use the environmentally friendly and FPC-free products from Grangers for all shoe maintenance. So when you use our maintenance service for hiking shoes, you’re not only taking extra care of your material, but of nature as well! Service meets sustainability.

Why maintain your shoes?

•    A shoe that soaks up water and dirt quickly loses its breathability. That’s why it’s a good idea to give the outside of your shoes a good clean after every walk.


•    Hiking shoes that are maintained regularly and correctly last much longer. It’s better for you because you can enjoy your high-quality gear for longer and it’s better for our planet.


•    The technical properties of the material (waterproofing and breathability) will slowly but surely decrease. By giving them a major overhaul once in a while, i.e. cleaning them with the proper products and using the proper method, your shoes will be like new again!


•    We have all the know-how in-house. We maintain your hiking shoes with the greatest care and using the correct, sustainable products from Grangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of correct maintenance?

What is the difference between ‘normal’ shoe care products and the products you sell and use?

Which shoes can I bring in for maintenance?

What are the prices?

How quickly do you anticipate the maintenance?

How does it work?

Which maintenance products do you use?

Do the shoes have to be purchased from A.S.Adventure?

Do I have to be an A.S.Adventure customer?

If I use the maintenance service, does that affect the warranty?

Can I drop off shoes that are very dirty?

What should I pay attention to when I bring in my shoes?

Will my shoes have a different/darker colour after cleaning?

Why did you launch a shoe maintenance service?

What if my shoes are damaged after maintenance?

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On the way to sustainable purchases

Do you have a preference for environmentally friendly purchases? It’s the right thing to do. This is why we will be happy to keep you informed about the different labels you can find in our range. An extra word of explanation about the raw materials used, ecological materials and sustainable production is a bonus.
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