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What kind of camping mat do I need?

A comfortable sleeping mat is essential if you want a good night's sleep in your tent. A self-inflating sleeping pad,  a foam sleeping mat or airbed. Do you need help picking out the right one? We’ll be happy to help you.


Self-inflating sleeping mats

Just open up the air valve on the self-inflating sleeping pad and air fills the chambers automatically. If you like a firmer mattress, you can blow it up a bit more yourself.


This type of pad is:

✓ lightweight,

✓ compact,

✓ comfortable,

✓ insulating.

Foam sleeping mats

A closed-cell foam pad is incredibly durable. Moreover, it is ultra-lightweight and cheaper than a self-inflating pad. Unfortunately, it lacks more in comfort. A foam sleeping mat is relatively stiff and quite bulky.


Are you looking for more comfort? Then the traditional airbed is your best option. However, you must take a number of cons into account:    


✓ You will never be able to warm up the air inside an air pad with your body heat alone. So, the insulation value is low.

✓ Air pads weigh more and are much bulkier.