Q&A: Do you have questions about A.S.Adventure’s sustainability initiatives?

1. #A.S.sustainable

Is A.S.Adventure a member of any national or international sustainable organisations?

2. #plastics

Why can’t A.S.Adventure be (completely) plastic-free?

3. #microplastics

What do you do to combat microplastics?

4. #ayacucho #solid

Why are the Ayacucho products not made in Peru?

5. #bsci

How do you monitor and guarantee the proper working conditions?

6. #code of conduct

How do you guarantee the sustainability of your suppliers?

7. #pfc

What about PFCs in your outdoor clothing?

8. #fur

Do you use fur in your clothing or accessories?

9. #down

How do you source the down in your clothing, gear, or accessories?

10. #animal welfare, #angora en #wool

What is your stance on animal welfare?

11. #biodegradable textiles

Do you use biodegradable textiles?

12. #Packaging

What do you do to make (online) packaging more sustainable?


  • Did you know that we have also started using biodegradable drinking cups in our stores and at our headquarters? Much more environmentally friendly!