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3D foot analysis:
for shoes that fit like a glove

A pair of hiking shoes that supports your feet exactly where needed: you can take on the world with them. And shoes that fit like a glove will last you for years. Looking for the best (hiking) shoes for your feet? Thanks to our new and free 3D foot measurement and foot analysis, we can now give you even better advice!

Why is it important to know your feet?

Our top priority is to make sure you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Good material is a must for this. To find the right hiking shoes, socks, and insoles, it helps to know what your feet need. A 3D foot measurement and foot analysis can help with this, and you can now do this in some of our stores. For example, you will find out what characteristics of your feet can cause complaints.


By measuring your feet digitally, you will find out their exact dimensions. Think of length and width, but also instep height, heel width, and arch height. We take this into account when choosing a shoe. If the 3D scan shows that your foot is wider than average, for example, we will let you try on wider shoes. And if your big toe joint sticks out, we will add insoles to take the pressure off this joint.


You will also receive the results of the analysis by email.

Would you like to know how such an analysis is done?

  1. You stand on a scanning plate.
  2. We make a 3D scan of your feet in a few seconds. Every lump, bump, flat arch, and ankle position comes into focus. This helps to find shoes that fit your feet perfectly.
  3. You walk over a special pressure plate several times with your right and left foot. This produces multiple images of your footprints.
  4. The different colours in the images show how the pressure is divided across your foot when you walk. The proper hiking shoes take pressure off where it is at its highest.

Did you know that…


no two feet are the same, including your left and your right foot? We will work with you to find the perfect shoe.

Where can you go for your foot analysis?

Wondering what your feet can tell you? Our product specialists will be happy to guide you during the 3D foot analysis and help you choose the right (hiking) shoe. A foot analysis is also quite quick, so just drop by one of these stores:


A.S.Adventure Ghent Centre, A.S.Adventure Wilrijk, A.S.Adventure Drogenbos, A.S.Adventure Bruges, A.S.Adventure Genk, A.S.Adventure Lochristi, A.S.Adventure Mechelen, A.S.Adventure Olen, A.S.Adventure Dendermonde, A.S.Adventure Sint-Joris-Winge, A.S.Adventure Schoten, A.S.Adventure Toison d’Or, en A.S.Adventure Zaventem, A.S.Adventure Wavre, A.S.Adventure Cloche d'Or.


Want to be sure we can give you comprehensive advice and let you try on some shoes? Then please make an appointment in advance. An expert will be ready for you at the agreed time to help you one-on-one.

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4 steps to the perfect shoe

Measurement and analysis

We scan the shape of your feet using the 3D scanner. We measure your footprint on the pressure plate. Then we look at the results together.

Shoe selection and appropriate socks

We will advise you on which shoes suit your feet and activity. A good shoe also requires the right sock. We’ll help you with that as well.


A sole can provide extra comfort and shock absorption. We’ll customise it for you.

Trying out shoes

Test your shoes for size and grip by walking around the store. So you can be sure you’re getting the appropriate shoe.

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