The A.S.Adventure gift card: spoilt for choice!

A birthday, a housewarming or farewell party, a wedding, a new job or retirement, or just because… Life is full of adventures. Why not add an extra one by treating friends or family to an A.S.Adventure gift card? 


We have two options to choose from:

Looking for a last-minute gift?

  • A digital gift card allows you to choose any amount, starting from €5.
  • Select one of our cool images to give your gift a personal touch.
  • Once we have received your payment, you will immediately receive the gift card in your mailbox. Five minutes is all it takes!


Do you prefer a tangible gift?

  • Order a gift card for an amount of your choice, starting from €5.
  • Every gift card comes with beautiful gift packaging, super fun to give away!
  • The gift card is delivered to your door free of charge. You’ll have your gift in hand the day after your purchase. What are you waiting for?
  Digital gift card Gift card
 Gift packaging no yes
 Amount of your choice
yes yes
 Delivery method via e-mail free via bpost
 Delivery time 5 minutes the next business day
 Must be spend all at once no no


1. How long is a gift card valid for?

2. In which stores can the gift cards be used?

3. Can I choose the amount of the gift card?

4. Does the full amount of the gift card need to be spent all at once?

5. Can I also use my gift card online?

6. Do I need to print my digital gift card before using it at a Store?

7. How can I check the balance of my gift card?

8. Can I return a product purchased with a gift card?

9. I bought a digital gift card, but I haven’t received it in my mailbox yet.