Terre Bleue

About Terre Bleue - Whatever your plans, you’ll find outfits for every season and every occasion at Terre Bleue. Since 1986, customers have been able to count on this stylish brand for quality clothing that really lasts. The icing on the cake? Everything is designed by Belgian designers.


Women deserve to look strong and confident, and Terre Bleue is perfect at helping them do so. Emphasise your very best features with neutral tones and original patterns that are easy to combine. The end result? Your ultimate casual chic look.


Go for a neutral look combined with a brightly coloured eye-catcher, for example, or earthy tones combined with lively patterns. Every Terre Bleue garment is a small work of art that you can use to curate your entire outfit. Their clothing is designed to fit and flatter your figure.


The Terre Bleue summer collection includes colourful skirts and comfortable shorts. The wide range of dresses has something for everyone: whether you prefer maxi, midi, or mini. Emphasise your waist with a stylish belt or combine darker tones with striking textures.


You don’t have to look far to find your latest fashion favourites, even in the depth of winter. A soft cardigan in a lively colour brightens up every grey winter day. Chances are that you won’t want to take off Terre Bleue’s comfortable jumpers. And the stylish trousers aren’t just comfortable; they look really good too.


Terre Bleue uses its proceeds to support several charities: from micro-credits enabling women to start their own businesses, to sustainable water solutions in less developed countries and here at home. These initiatives were not chosen by chance, given that the name Terre Bleue refers to the ‘blue planet’, the Earth. Their mission is clear: contribute to a better world. One with equal opportunities for women, and with clean drinking water for all. Are you in?

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