ANTWRP is a 100% Belgian label that makes stylish, casual, urban clothing for men. With – how could it be otherwise? – references to the city of Antwerp itself. You’ll find graphic prints of tunnels, illuminated advertisements, and the shopping streets on the jumpers, T-shirts, polos, and jerseys. In turn, the high-quality materials and luxurious finishes refer less subtly to Antwerp’s renowned fashion scene. If it depends on ANTWRP, the rest really is parking!


In addition to the big city, ANTWRP also draws inspiration from the great outdoors (you’ll see prints of mountains and wild animals), and even retro skiwear. In turn, the designers take their cue from the striking colour combinations from Andy Warhol. The result: a mix of the metropolis, futurism, and vintage, with a good dose of humour. Perfect for young men looking for quality and originality


Sports are also a recurring theme in the collection. This led to the capsule collection ‘Vélo Tourist by ANTWRP’, inspired by bike rides through the city. The brand even released a series together with cycling brand Santini and the international cycling union UCI in 2021. A casual line with rainbow stripes and vintage colours, ready for adventures on two wheels.


The story of ANTWRP is also the story of founder Wouter Hoste. Wouter graduated from the Antwerp Fashion Academy in the late 1980s, moved to Paris, and designed Jean Paul Gaultier’s junior collection. He went on to co-found ANTWRP in 2006. The colourful graphic prints referencing the city have become the brand’s signature thanks to him, “Everything’s often so grey here in Belgium, so a little colour won’t kill us!”

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