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A good night’s sleep is essential, even when you’re camping. Opt for the right sleeping equipment based on the climate and the location where you’ll be spending the night.    

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How do I pick out the right sleeping bag?    

Whether you’ll be camping out in a tent or just spending the night at someone’s, a good sleeping bag is essential for a good night’s sleep. Do you need help picking out the right sleeping bag? We’ll be happy to help you.

Step 1: picking the right shape    

 Mummy sleeping bag: perfect if you’re spending the night in chilly conditions. This sleeping bag fits around your body snugly and you can also tuck in your head. This way, you maintain precious body heat.    

 Blanket-type: perfect if you are camping in hotter climes. This sleeping bag has a looser fit and more room to move.    

Step 2: picking the right filling    

✓ Low temperatures: sleeping bag filled with down

✓ Warm, moist weather: synthetic sleeping bag     


Tip: remember that a sleeping bag is never waterproof. If you want to sleep out under the stars, then you will need a bivouac bag.    

Step 3: picking the most comfortable temperature    

Women tend to get colder faster than men, so it is best that they look at the comfort range, while most men can withstand the transition range as well. Remember that your sleeping bag can only achieve the indicated temperature range when combined with a well-insulating sleeping pad.    

Step 4: picking a good liner    

Would you like to protect yourself from fluctuating temperatures and cold nights? Then its best to buy a good sleeping bag liner. These liners not only increase the temperature range that your sleeping bag can achieve, it will extend the life of your sleeping bag.    

Maintaining your sleeping bag    

✓ Don’t roll your sleeping bag up too tight; just stuff it back into the case.

✓ Regularly air out your sleeping bag; don’t wash it after every use.

✓ Extend the lifespan of your sleeping bag by using a liner.

What kind of sleeping pad do I need?    

Self-inflating sleeping pads    

Just open up the air valve on the self-inflating sleeping pad and air fills the chambers automatically. If you like a firmer mattress, you can blow it up a bit more yourself.


This type of pad is:

✓ lightweight,

✓ compact,

✓ comfortable,

✓ insulating,

✓ and durable.    

Foam sleeping mat    

A closed-cell foam pad is incredibly durable. Moreover, it is ultra-lightweight and cheaper than a self-inflating pad. Unfortunately, it lacks more in comfort. A foam sleeping mat is relatively stiff and quite bulky.    


Are you looking for more comfort? Then the traditional airbed is your best option. However, you must take a number of cons into account:    


✓ You will never be able to warm up the air inside an air pad with your body heat alone. So, the insulation value is low.

✓ Air pads weigh more and are much bulkier. 

Maintaining your sleeping pad    

✓ Always make sure the surface is even.

✓ Never place your sleeping pad next to the campfire or cooking fire.

✓ Make sure you can immediately repair any holes.    

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