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About Bioracer - High-quality Belgian cycling clothing… it must be Bioracer. What place is better to develop and test cycling jerseys than in the birthplace of cycling? Whether you’re a cobblestone conqueror, a kilometre killer, or a push-push, there’s a cycling jersey for everyone. Short sleeves, long sleeves, and great prints no matter what.


And of course, your outfit isn’t complete without a pair of comfortable Bioracer cycling pants, with or without braces. The braces ensure that everything stays in place, even during the most intense sprint to the finish. Add a pair of socks with the Belgian flag on them and a windproof jacket and break away!


There’s a good reason why the name Bioracer is a compound of biomechanics and racer. The brand is exactly at the intersection of technological innovation, performance, style, and comfort. For example, Bioracer developed a new type of jersey that weighed just a third of an average jersey for the Olympic Games in Athens. Let’s be clear: whoever wears Bioracer while cycling does so with the blessing of the pros. It’s your ride


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