This is how to prepare for your skiing vacation

Finally ... The wait is over! The slopes are covered with a lush, white carpet of snow and we are ready for the start of a safe winter sports season. Do you also wonder how to prepare properly for a ski holiday? Don't worry, this page contains tips, expert advice, and a handy checklist for your skiing trip.


Don't forget to give your skis or snowboard a professional maintenance before departure. Or would you rather just rent your material at a good price at A.S.Adventure? From € 65/week you get a complete ski package, for a snowboard with boots you're set from € 89/week.

Ski rental

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With the three-layer system you’re always prepared for every kind of temperature. A thermal base layer, an insulating fleece and waterproof and windproof winter sports jacket and trousers keep your body dry and warm. At the same time, they quickly conduct sweat away from the body, preventing you from cooling down.

FAQs about safety

Is a ski helmet mandatory on the slopes?

I fell on my ski helmet. Do I need a new one?

How can I prevent ski and snowboard injuries?

Which ski and snowboard injuries are the most common?

What do I do in case of an avalanche warning?

Safety on the slopes

No matter how careful you are, accidents can easily happen when practising winter sports. So make sure you are well protected!

Ski helmets

Protect your head with a ski helmet

Body protection

Put on your armour

Snow safety

Stay ahead of the avalanches

Frequently asked questions about maintenance

Why is proper maintenance of my skis or snowboard important?

How to properly store my winter sports equipment?

When do my skis or snowboard need some wax?

How do I wax my skis or snowboard?

How do I polish my skis or snowboard?

Where can I go for winter sports equipment maintenance?

How do I maintain my winter sports clothing?

Top service for your skis or snowboard

Taking good care of your skis or snowboard is essential if you want to enjoy your equipment for years to come. But trying it personally without the necessary experience? You could end up doing more harm than good. Our Snow Atelier offers professional maintenance of your winter sports equipment. 


Our experts will remove scratches, polish your skis or apply the proper wax on your snowboard with the new Wintersteiger machine. The employees in our workshop have the know-how and experience to tackle your winter sports equipment down to the very last detail. We can safely say that our Snow Atelier can compete with its Alpine counterparts!

Did you know?

Comfort on the slopes

Go for a visor

A visor that is attached to the side of your helmet can easily be moved and replaces your regular ski mask. Easy for people with glasses and it gives you a free feeling with more ventilation and less condensation.

Learn how to polarise

Do you want to reduce the reflection of the sun on the snow in the glasses of your goggles? Then choose a lens with a polarising filter. Because the filtering is incorporated in the glasses of the ski goggles, it is wear-resistant and durable.

Say no to cold hands

Those who quickly suffer from numbness are better off with mittens than gloves. These tuck your fingers together, keeping each other nice and warm. Grab some hand warmers and you're all set!

Smart footwork

Odourless boots

Make sure to let your ski boots or snowboard boots dry properly at the end of each day. Start by drying them with a towel, then put them near the heater - not too close, however! An electric heating element also works miracles. And don't forget to close your clasps to maintain their shape.

Say goodbye to pain

Do you suffer from painful ankles and feet in your boots? Start with wearing a good pair of thick ski socks that provide the necessary cushioning. Two pairs of socks on top of each other is a no-go, because this creates extra pressure points. If this is not enough, you can always opt for silicone ankle protectors or shin pads.

Get the proper bindings

With correctly set bindings you can reduce the risk of injury and increase your comfort while skiing. Beginners and deep-snow experts need a lower DIN value to ensure that the ski will release faster in the event of a fall. Advanced skiers who love speed are better off with a higher DIN value.

Dive into our full range of winter sports equipment

For those who regularly go skiing or snowboarding, the right equipment will make all the difference. Are you preparing for your next skiing vacation? With this gear you are ready to discover the most beautiful ski resorts.

Ski wear

Ski jackets
Fleeces & sweaters
Ski trousers
Ski suits
Thermal underwear
Ski socks
Winter boots

Ski & snowboard gear

Ski boots
Ski poles
Snowboard bindings
Snowboard boots
Ski goggles
Ski helmets
Body protection


Sun protection
Backpacks & bags


Roof boxes
Bags & sleeves

Click and go

With Burton's revolutionary Step On bindings, safely securing your snowboard is no longer a tiring struggle.

•  Intuitive boot-to-binding connection with unparalleled security and board control.

•  With one simple movement you step into your binding and click your boots into place - completely hands-free!

•  Ideal for beginners and young families, with extra support and room for mistakes.

Check out the Step On bindings

Essentials for winter sports aficionados

Een week lang op verkenning op en naast de pistes? Dat doe je maar beter in wintersportkledij van topkwaliteit!

Winter sports jackets

Stylishly down the mountain

Winter sports trousers

Keep your legs warm

Thermal underwear

A layer of insulation


Make your outfit snow-proof

Popular winter sports brands

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