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Protest is there for everyone who loves sports. From ski jackets for snowboarders to bikinis for surfer chicks. But people who have never stood on any kind of board and do not intend to do so will also find what they’re looking for at Protest. Beach and swimwear to watch the surfers from the beach, a warm fleece to protect you from the evening chill, and a jacket for when the water comes from the sky instead of the sea.


Nevertheless, the sports brand has a big soft spot for snowboarders and surfers. Boarding is first and foremost about fun, and Protest wants to help people overcome every obstacle between them and their board. Beginners who aren’t yet aware of what they’re getting themselves into, masters who know the waves down to the smallest drop, workaholics who can’t find the time to hit the slopes: Protest reminds them why they started their favourite sport in the first place with a collection full of cool looks and colourTo have fun!



A fun fact: Protest was once founded by a group of snowboarders from the Netherlands. Yes, you read that right: the Netherlands. One of the flattest pieces of land on earth. The land with exactly five hills and 14 waves. But Protest was certain: “To hell with logic, to hell with obstacles – let’s do what we love.” 

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