About SINNER - Snow or sun, hot or cold, winter sports or water sports: the SINNER collection offers everything you need to protect yourself from the elements. Way back, this Dutch brand started out as a specialist in sunglasses, but it has since grown into a lifestyle and sports brand that supplies accessories for all your wintertime and summertime adventures, from SINNER sunglasses to ski goggles and ski helmets.


As far as sunglasses are concerned, you've got a choice of different lens categories and colours, from normal to highly light-absorbent and from polarised or mirrored to transition lenses. Whatever type of sunglasses you choose, all models offer 100% UV protection and are suitable for both a day out in town or a hair-raising descent on your mountain bike.


SINNER's ski goggles are the perfect accessory to protect your eyes from snow and ice as well as UV protection. An anti-slip strap, double lens and anti-fog layer ensure optimal protection on the ski slopes. When selecting your goggles, always make sure you get the fit just right and check which weather conditions they are suitable for. That way, you'll see the slopes more clearly than ever! 


Combine your goggles with a SINNER ski helmet, or better still, go for a helmet with a visor. A visor comes in especially handy when the frame of your goggles doesn't fit quite right with your helmet, or if your lenses tend to mist up. Thanks to the optimal ventilation provided by a helmet with a visor, these issues will soon be a thing of the past! There's good news for spectacle wearers too: you can simply keep your prescription glasses on underneath the visor. In other words: you can set your sights on plenty of adventures ahead! 

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