The absolute winter winner? That must be BARTS. The brand has been producing hand-knitted accessories for years. And not boring ‘wool socks and sandals’ kind of things, but colourful BARTS hats, gloves, and scarves with unique designs created by a team of talented designers and graphic artists at the head office in Amsterdam.


But make no mistake: BARTS isn’t just for winter lovers. You can dive straight from the mountains into the sea thanks to a full collection of swimwear. Women can choose from a range of colourful bathing suits and bikinis. Add a nice beach hat and your outfit is on point. Men and kids can brave the sun in a trendy cap.


By the way, BARTS takes sustainability very seriously. In 2021, the brand launched a collection inspired by the Japanese term ‘mottainai’: an encouragement to reduce consumption, recycle more, and respect natural resources. BARTS is constantly looking for ways to add recycled and sustainable items to its collections.


Did you know that the story of BARTS started on the beaches of Saint-Tropez? Founder Bart Koene made colourful swimming trunks for the sunbathing jet set. The entire collection was sold out within six weeks. But it was the winter collection that launched the brand into global stardom. After more than 20 years, BARTS released another summer collection of scarves, hats, and bags in 2014. So you can go outside wearing BARTS all year round!

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