Shopping services at A.S.Adventure

Free delivery to your home from your A.S.Adventure Store

Are you in the shop and the product of your dreams is no longer available in a different size or colour? No problem!
If the required product is in stock in another A.S.Adventure Store, we will order it in the Store and deliver it free of charge
to an address of your choice. Now that’s service for you.

How does it work?

1. We order the required article together with you in the Store via our website.

2. You pay at the counter.

3. Your order is delivered a few days later to an address of your choice or a collection point.

Make your choice online and fetch your order from the shop

Armchair shopping? You can shop at A.S.Adventure anywhere and anytime. Do you want to be absolutely sure of the size or colour?
Reserve online with no obligation to buy via the Click & Collect service and fetch your order later from your
favourite A.S.Adventure Store. You choose for yourself what you do or don’t buy.

How does it work?

1. Reserve and pay for your product(s) online.

2. Select the shop where you wish to collect your product(s).

3. We send you an e-mail to confirm your order.

4. We send you an e-mail or SMS to tell you when you can collect your product(s).

5. If you should decide to cancel your order when you are in the shop, you will immediately get a refund.

Pay for your shop purchases using your smartphone

Did you realise you'd forgotten your wallet in the middle of shopping? No problem! Because you can now use SmartPay 
to pay for your purchases in every A.S.Adventure store
.Just get out your smartphone, open the Bancontact app, and scan the unique QR code at the register.
All that's left is to confirm the purchase by entering your PIN code. Easy, safe and efficient!

How does it work?

1. Install the Bancontact app on your smartphone:

Google Play >>

Apple App Store >>

Microsoft Store >>

2. Open the Bancontact app and follow the instructions to activate the app and to add your bank card(s).

3. At the counter, scan the unique QR code that appears on the payment terminal to confirm your payment. 
You can do this directly from within the Bancontact app.

4. Your smartphone shows the name of the store and the amount to be paid on-screen.

5. Press OK, enter your PIN and you'll see a confirmation message on your phone. Transaction succeeded!