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Find the appropriate walking shoes for every activity. Discover our vast collection of light outdoor shoes (category A), supple hiking shoes (category B) or robust mountain boots (category C).

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Pick the right walking shoes

You need different types of walking shoes depending on the terrain. You have no idea which walking shoes to choose? We can help you:

Category A low: walking shoes

Will you be walking on flat to slightly hilly terrain? Then you should choose a supple, category A low walking shoe. These walking shoes are ideal for a walk in the forest.

Category A mid: hiking shoes

Will you be walking on hilly terrain or going on a day-long hike? Then you should choose a category A mid walking shoe. The high upper offers more support, solidity and stability.

Category B: mountain boots

Will you be walking in a mountainous area? Then you should choose a category B walking shoe. These mountain boots are much more sturdy and robust than a category A walking shoe.

Category C: mountain boots

Are you going on a challenging mountain excursion or doing some climbing? Then you should choose a category C walking shoe. They have a robust, very stiff sole that is extremely suited for using crampons.

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