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Swimming shorts & trunks

Are you a fanatic swimmer who likes to glide through the water as hydrodynamically as possible? Or are you more of a keeping it casual-type in the pool and on the beach? No matter what kind of water lover you are, there is a perfect pair of men’s or boy’s swimming trunks for everyone.  Short, fitted swim briefs might not be as hip as they once were (or as they are in Italy), but they sure do allow you to swim swiftly and comfortably. Are you training seriously for a competition? In that case, a jammer might be a good idea – they’re just as fitted but longer, for greater support of the glutes and the thighs. With looser swim shorts, you won’t swim as fast, but you will certainly look better relaxing at an outdoor cafe or playing a game of beach volleyball. Also pay attention to whether your swim trunks are made of synthetic materials like polyester or polyamide. If so, you can rest assured that they will dry quickly!
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