Whether you’re a cyclist who likes to rack up ultralight kilometres, a hiker who prefers to escape to the mountains, a camper who loves to crawl into his tent, or a world traveller: VAUDE covers everyone from head to toe in high-quality clothing and equipment. From panniers to backpacks, raincoats, and cycling shorts with chamois to a wide range of clothing!


Do you care about ecology? Go VAUDE! All the products in the range are produced as sustainably as possible. In addition, the brand has even developed its own sustainability label: Green Shape. To receive this label, a product must consist of more than 50% biobased or recycled materials, it must be easy to recycle, and the working conditions and wages of those who make it must be fair. Whether it’s produced in Europe or in Asia. 


For VAUDE, sustainability begins with the design. It is important that products look timeless, but above all, they must be able to last you a long time. Did you fall down and damage something? Repairs are a breeze, as VAUDE always provides the spare parts and manuals you need. 


Did you know that VAUDE is a true family business? Albrecht von Dewitz founded his company in 1974 and used his initials for the name: v.D. (pronounced ‘fau-de’). One of the leading outdoor brands in Europe grew from this one-man mountaineering equipment business. His daughter Antje took over in 2009. As VAUDE says, “Your life, your spirit!

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