Tom Tailor

German clothing brand Tom Tailor tops the lists of people with a weakness for timeless, casual designs. The brand once started with a collection specifically for men, but has fortunately expanded its offer with Tom Tailor clothing for women. You’ll find dresses, trousers, T-shirts and tops, and much more in the women’s collection. Men can choose from a wide range of products including shorts and trousers, shirts and jackets. Thanks Tom!


Casual meets sporty chic: that’s Tom Tailor clothing. Women can, for example, combine an airy blouse with buttons and a cheerful print with classic jeans or elegant chinos in a cool colour. There are plenty of shirts for men to choose from, to layer with a cardigan for added style, for instance. Finish your look with one of the accessories, such as a soft scarf.


At Tom Tailor, they have a particularly big heart for denim, as evidenced by the extensive Tom Tailor Denim collection. A subtle colour palette, timeless elegance, and casual cool looks: this is how you boost your confidence. 


With the BE PART campaign, the Germans are aiming high for sustainability. BE PART of better, less, fair, and more respectively stands for better materials and procedures, less waste and chemicals, fair working conditions and partnerships, and more awareness and more recycling. So, it’s tailored to the planet’s needs and yours!

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