About Superdry - The Superdry hoodies found their way into every kind of wardrobe: they are the perfect match between comfort and style. Always trendy, always warm. Superdry T-shirts are also a must-have for both men and women thanks to their tight fit, on-trend colours, and eye-catching lettering.


Are you expecting colder days? Then just dive into the range of Superdry jackets. Softshells, down jacketsski jacketswindstoppersyou’ll want it all. And on days when the sun is high in the sky, pair your chino Superdry shorts with a T-shirt or polo shirt for a casual or smart look. As they say themselves: they make the clothes, you make the style.


Where has the immensely popular clothing brand Superdry been drawing its inspiration from since 2003? Bustling Tokyo. But although the name of the brand was coined in a Japanese bar, Superdry is truly British. They opened their first shop in the heart of London in 2007, but the real kick-off came when David Beckham wore one of their jackets. And it doesn’t get much more British than Beckham.


Superdry owes its great success mainly to its recognisable style: items in bright colours, with the expressive logo, a touch of Americana vintage, and Japanese graphics. The first collection was (just) five T-shirts, but they’ve now grown to provide seasonal collections for men, women, and children.

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