Looking for cool clothing for your kids that is 100% Belgian? Then you’ve come to the right (and local) place at Someone! And since children grow like weeds, they provide enough sizes for all sizes. The collection for toddlers ranges from sizes 104 to 122, and the collection for older kids ranges from 128 to 140. T-shirts, trousers, jumpers, dresses: check.


You’ll find an extensive, varied, and unique range at Someone. Pleasant materials, wild patterns, playful prints, striking colours… Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look as stylish as their parents. But only on the condition that their clothing can withstand the wildest adventures and accompanying washes.


What do the girls think of a cool pair of hippie floral print trousers, topped with a cream-coloured jumper with a hole pattern? And who wouldn’t be happy in a lilac dress full of yellow smileys. Do you have a true fashionista at home? Then surprise her with a jumpsuit with fluorescent stripes or a shimmering yellow skirt paired with a teddy vest. 


The boys can combine rugged cargo trousers with a vest full of dino or polar bears. Or let them go for a casual look, with comfy jeans and knitted jumper. A pair of cool socks underneath (even more dinosaurs!), and a warm jacket over it all, and off you go. Someone is awesome

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