About Smartwool - Merino wool is a great material for active outdoor enthusiasts. It is warm, soft, super sustainable, and isn’t scratchy. The folks at US-based Smartwool have really understood the assignment. For over 20 years, this brand has been pushing the boundaries of merino wool to make even better merino clothing and hiking socks. This way, you’ll experience adventures in absolute comfort!


Those familiar with the three-layer system will know that a base layer made of merino wool is a must-have. It is the perfect thermal underlayer since the material wicks away sweat quickly. Plus, it’s temperature-regulating and antibacterial. It keeps you warm when you’re cold, and cools you down when you’re too hot. And it’ll do this for days on end without having to wash it right away.


The wool comes from merino sheep from countries such as New Zealand and Uruguay. Their wool is finer and more resistant to extreme temperatures. Smartwool is the brand that has perfected the use of merino wool in clothing and hiking socks. They use the right amount of wool in the right place thanks to the Thermal Body Mapping technique. Add flat hems and soft seams and you’ve got a leading design. 


Smartwool comes from the minds of two Colorado ski instructors with frozen toes. They wanted to develop the perfect ski sock, and they sure succeeded! From head to toe, hat to T-shirt to socks: go far, feel good with Smartwool. And the sheep are treated well, we promise!

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