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Sherpa Adventure Gear

Sherpas are Kathmandu locals who guide expeditions in the high mountains. So if anyone knows what you need in those circumstances, it’s them! The same is true for the people behind Sherpa Adventure Gear. Their collection offers you an entire, trail-tested outfit: from jumpersT-shirts and tops to fleecesjackets, dresses and trousers. Perfect for, in their own words, 'adventure with purpose'.


With Sherpa Adventure Gear, you are not only buying quality and super-functional outdoor gear, you’re also supporting education in Nepal. That’s because for every item sold, they provide a day of school for a Nepalese child. Sherpa is adventure gear with a purpose and their vision is to inspire lives of adventure by exploring new lands and opening minds through learning.


It's a small brand committed to making a big impact. Case in point: they want to benefit other people in Nepal along the way. From Nepali employment and manufacturing to limited-edition capsule collections that benefit chosen Nepal-based charities.


One such charity that Sherpa Adventure Gear supports is Room to Read. They provide the tools that schools, teachers and students need to succeed. Their programme also has a particular focus on literacy and gender equality in primary education, along with a separate girl's education programme.


In short, Sherpa is made for the adventurous. For people with open minds, big hearts, and a desire to explore. Founded in 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, as a living memorial to the unsung heroes of Mt. Everest, Sherpa Adventure Gear is inspired by the spiritual lifestyle and rich culture of Nepal. Ready to go on your own journey with them?

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