Sea To Summit

About Sea To Summit - Where to begin… The collection of outdoor gear from Sea to Summit is so extensive that it’s tricky to choose. No matter where you’re going, or how large or small your adventure. If you want to travel or camp, you’ll soon encounter this Australian brand. Among the more than 200 (!) items in the range you’ll find everything from sleeping mats to sleeping bags, accessories such as quick-drying travel towels to liners, and  from tents to waterproof dry bags.


The product developers at Sea to Summit know better than anyone just how important it is that your equipment is durable, compact, light and safe – not to mention just truly handy. The brand’s sleeping systems are the best example. Lightweight and well-insulating sleeping mats and sleeping bags send you directly to dreamland, without you collapsing under the strain beforehand. 

Creative in Australia? You bet they are! Just look at the Tarp Poncho: a poncho, rain cover, groundsheet and tarp, all in one. After all, why would you buy ten different items when things can be so much simpler and therefore more sustainable? 


A bit of history: Roland Tyson made his very first outdoor gear in 1983 on a sewing machine in his childhood bedroom, when he was only 17 years old. Fast forward to just 8 years later. After Roland had supplied the equipment for the special first climbing of Everest (directly from sea level to a solo summit attempt), Sea to Summit was born!

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