Polar is for everyone who wants to live more consciously, whether you like to work out every now and then or whether you swim or run extensively every day. The Finnish company behind the Polar sports watches has specialised for over 40 years in heart rate monitors and advanced technology that you can wear on your wrist. Better respond to your daily needs with detailed data about your hydration, energy levels, sleep quality, and fitness with Polar’s practical and stylish smartwatches.


Looking for a minimalist sports watch that you can easily personalise? Then the Polar Ignite 2 is for you. Measure the quality of your sleep and your nightly recovery with Nightly Recharge and relax during the day with breathing exercises. That’s all you need if you exercise primarily to feel good about yourself. Do you practise more than one sport, or do you really want to break records? With the Polar Vantage and the Polar Vantage V2, you have a super strong yet lightweight smartwatch that can assist you in all your training goals, including recovery.


Are your training sessions and adventures a little more rugged? The Polar Grit X and Polar Grit X Pro are really something for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast. Never get lost again thanks to the altimeter, compass, and advanced GPS on your wrist. These watches have a military-grade durability and can survive high temperatures, humidity, and any fall. The Pro version has the strongest type of glass and a trackback function that always helps you find your way back. A real heavyweight when it comes to sports watches, but you can take that literally: it’s a lot heavier than the Grit X.


Polar Flow helps you get a clear understanding of the signals your body sends you every day. The app is easy to link to your smartphone thanks to Polar Flow Sync. Each watch is virtually indestructible and available in different styles, making it a perfect match for any outfit and any time.


As the icing on the cake, Polar is committed to fighting waste and recycling by closely monitoring the reuse of packaging materials and the constant reduction of waste

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