Ortlieb stands for weatherproof and waterproof panniers of superior German quality. Attach your things to your handlebars or your bicycle rack and rest assured that you and your luggage will arrive in one piece. This way, you only have to worry about the horizon. Need to take a little break along the way? Secure your belongings with a locking cable, or quickly unclip your bag and take it with you. Taking the bike is not only greener than the car, but now it’s just as easy with plenty of storage space from Ortlieb.


Whether you cycle to school or work, or go on beautiful bike rides in the countryside: Ortlieb’s high-quality products are useful everywhere. You’re sure to find a transport solution that fits your situation among the various models of reliable panniers. The Ortlieb backpacks are made of the same sturdy material and are comfortable to carry, both on and off the bike. Need more space? Double your carrying capacity with single or twin front panniers. They’re ideal for a cycling holiday!


To make your navigation easier, Ortlieb designed a practical map bag with a transparent compartment so your map is always visible and protected from everything. Do you prefer to take just a few important things with you or does your (racing) bike not have a carrier? Ortlieb also has a wide range of handlebar bags, which are safer and more compact than a bicycle crate, for example. Thanks to the see-through top pocket, you can continue to see and use your smartphone (and navigation system!), so you don’t have to stop unnecessarily.


The brand’s first panniers were made of tarpaulins and assembled on the sewing machine by inventor Hartmut Ortlieb’s mother. The tarpaulins have disappeared, but Ortlieb’s preference for super-tough and waterproof materials has remained. All bicycle products are still manufactured in a small factory in Germany. Ortlieb is also a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, which contributes to nature conservation. It’s a brand with a mission. Let’s go!

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