À propos de Nutcase - In the past, bicycle helmets used to be quite boring. You could choose from black, a different shade of black or even darker black. Thankfully, those days are gone, thanks to Nutcase! Nutcase bicycle helmets have a great fit on the head and great aerodynamics, they are 100% safe and best of all they boast award-winning designs. Don’t be a nutcase, wear a Nutcase!


Geometric prints, polka dots, floral designs or simply your favourite colour. Cool, romantic, fun or hip. This American brand has it all. Go for a model with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) for extra protection. The low-friction layer between the outer shell and the lining prevents possible brain damage in case of a serious fall. Or how about a helmet with an integrated light?


And did you know that Nutcase’s bright colours and prints are also available in children’s sizes? Are your kids cycling to school for the first time, or do they like to cross around the neighbourhood with their friends? Then they could definitely do with a Little Nutty helmet. These multi-sports helmets not only have an eye-catching design, they also have a magnetic buckle made of durable ABS. Whatever your little rascal does, you can rest assured that they’ll be safe. 


Fun fact: the inventor of Nutcase, Michael Morrow, was a big fan of American football. During a tournament, he brought along two helmets, which he had decorated himself with the mascots of his favourite team. The other fans went crazy. That's all he needed to realise that people really do like helmets, as long as they look cool!

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