About Mepal - Dutch brand Mepal quickly became a household name in the field of drinking bottlesstorage boxes and cutlery.  Of course, the brand doesn't just have its clever designs to thank for that. Sustainability is a top priority to Mepal too. For example, most of its products are made of 100% recycled plastics, so you can keep relying on your storage boxdrinking bottle or lunchbox for years to come! 


So, how exactly does Mepal make your life easier during your staycation, day trip, camping weekend or during an ordinary working week? The lasting freshness of your lunch or snack is undoubtedly its greatest asset. This freshness is guaranteed because Mepal storage boxes or drinking bottles are always air and odour tight.


Whether you love nothing more than a big salad for lunch, or you prefer to combine multiple smaller dishes: there's a product for every type of hunger and every preference! From spacious storage boxes to lunchboxes with separate bento trays — and a fork is often included too. How convenient! Prefer to use a (foldable) spoon or a full set of cutlery? Make sure you browse Mepal's cutlery range too. Oh, and you can just stick everything in the dishwasher too as a handy bonus!


Hey, you there, I'd get rid of that tired-looking fruit container pronto if I were you. From now on, just take your mandarin orange or sliced apple with you in a snack pot or fruit box. The strong lid offers a tight seal, but can easily be popped off, even by the smallest of hands. Those hands will stay nice and clean as well, as every fruit box comes with a fork. All these products can go in the dishwasher too!


Now that you've got your fruity snack all packed, don't forget your favourite drink! How about a Mepal drinking bottle for your next day out? Their product range contains both 'normal' and stronger vacuum flasks to keep your coffee, water or soft drink at just the right temperature at all times. The brand has also made sure that its bottles perform more than just a purely functional role. From fun patterns for little ones to colourful and sleek looks: every drinking bottle is a genuine style icon. In brief: Mepal is truly for everyone.

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