Marc O'Polo

About Marc O'Polo - Elegant, timeless clothes for men and women: that’s Marc O’Polo in a nutshell. No frills; instead, you get minimalist designs straight from Sweden. Although, a sophisticated (floral) print or classic check or stripe are never totally out of the question. That Scandinavian touch can be found in a wide range of clothing: from cosy jumpers to flattering shirts and blouses, and from comfortable shoes to stylish scarves.


With Marc O’Polo, you’ll be ready for an active week away from home, or a brisk walk through the woods or around town. The Stockholm-based brand owes its name to an explorer for a reason! Even if you look at the colour palette, you can see that natural colours are favoured season after season: from earth tones to warm blues. Perfect for a wardrobe that never goes out of style.


Like adventure, sustainability is also an important part of this brand’s DNA. Marc O’Polo is therefore committed to making its production as environmentally friendly as possible. A key principle here is the use of top-quality natural materials. That way, you can enjoy your favourite outfits for even longer. And by not capitalising on flashy trends, the brand offers you timeless pieces. A conscious choice!


In fact, Marc O’Polo was founded in Stockholm in 1967 from the idea of using natural materials for clothing. It’s especially noteworthy since the fashion industry was mainly using synthetic fabrics at that time! So many years later, the credo remains follow your nature.

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