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About Levi's - Everyone knows Levi’s thanks to their iconic jeans, but you can also spot their logo on a lot of trendy jumpers and T-shirts. Everyone loves this brand. There’s even a Levi’s Kids, especially for children. From skinny to loose jeans, Levi’s has an extensive jeans collection for both women and men.


The number that changed everything? That’s the Levi’s 501. These original jeans, or should we say denim legends, were designed in 1873. Talk about a timeless style! The straight fit is super comfortable, but it’s the quality that makes the difference. So, it’s no surprise they say, “You wear jeans. You live in Levi’s.”


Whether you like straight, wide, skinny, Mom jeans, or something in between – every Levi’s style looks and feels good. Because when it comes to jeans, this brand clearly wears the trousers. But even if you’re looking for something to wear on top, they have a lot of comfy jumpers and hoodies to offer. Or choose one of their T-shirts with the Levi’s logo emblazoned across it. The ultimate statement piece slash declaration of love.


Levi’s is very aware of its environmental impact and how to actively reduce it. Thanks to the Water<Less® technology, one of their own innovations, less water is needed for the production of Levi’s jeans, for example. They’ve saved over 4.2 billion (!) litres of water since 2011. Of course, sustainability is also about quality, and with Levi’s you can really count on that. Their credo: Buy Better. Wear Longer.

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