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Planning to head out into the snow, over the mountains, or onto the tarmac with a set of poles? If so, Leki is your ultimate partner. The German brand is the absolute world leader when it comes to innovative ski poleswalking poles, and ski gloves. Feedback from their top athletes ensures all the equipment will take you from the deepest valleys to the highest peaks.


Leki has over 250 patented inventions. That’s more innovations than any manufacturer in the outdoor and ski industry. The length-adjustable system of the poles was particularly revolutionary and led to the first adjustable ski and walking poles. Lengthen your poles when navigating a steep descent or shorten them when climbing, or when you want to quickly stow them in your backpack!


good pair of gloves is no luxury in the mountains. And Leki also revolutionised this field with the ‘Trigger S’ click system. Just click to secure your poles to your gloves using a small loop on your glove and an attachment point on your pole. Comfortable and improved power transfer on impact with the ground: check. If you fall, the upward force causes the pole to automatically release.


It all started in 1848, with the German Lenhart family business: processing plastic and metal. Karl, the father, made lightweight ski poles for friends, which were in such demand that he turned it into a full-time business in 1954. The poles are currently developed in Germany and produced in the Czech Republic using modern ecological processes. Leki, your indispensable companion in the great outdoors. 

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