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About Ledlenser - The brightest light? That’s you, when you take one of Ledlenser’s lamps with you on your adventures. The German brand is the global leader when it comes to torches and headlamps with LED lighting. Quality, reliability, and sustainability bundled into lamps that can sometimes light up an area a kilometre away or fit perfectly on your keychain. And then there was light


Ledlenser’s focus is on making sure that everyone always has a good lamp at hand so that the dark is never an obstacle. Whether you see the sun sinking dangerously fast in the mountains, your kids get scared in the dark at camp, you need to get into that cramped basement at home, or you want to go for a walk late at night: the Germans have a torch or headlamp for all your challenges.


You can choose from an entire list of features. A rechargeable battery, a red light, a shockproof or waterproof lamp, an adjustable headband, a focus ring, a stainless-steel lamp… Everything has been thought of and is in the form that suits you best: on your head, in your pocket, on the table, or attached to your waistband. 


Did you know that Ledlenser conquered the torch market by using an LED bulb instead of an incandescent bulb? We can’t even imagine what things would be like without LED lamps now, but back then, the Opolka brothers unleashed a true revolution. In their own words, “It takes eight minutes for sunlight to reach earth. With Ledlenser, it’s just the push of a button.” 

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