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Jack Wolfskin

About Jack Wolfskin - As a premium outdoor brand, Jack Wolfskin has everything you need for your next adventure. Whether you like hiking, travelling, cycling, camping, skiing, or snowboarding, you’ll find the right gear for your favourite activity. Jack Wolfskin makes you feel 100% at home outdoors, which, not coincidentally, is also their baseline.


The shoes and jackets with TEXAPORE technology protect you from the wind, rain, and cold. Something we have to deal with here in Belgium almost all year round! If you’re looking for a lightweight jacket that fulfils all your wishes, you’ve come to the right place: Jack Wolfskin. Do you prefer to stay comfortably warm during your outdoor adventure? Then definitely go for one of their super-soft fleece sweaters. You’ll be perfectly at home in stylish dresses, trousers, shirts, skorts, and shorts in the summertime too. Whatever the season, Jack Wolfskin is there for you.


There’s always space for your travel essentials in the sturdy backpacks and shoulder bags. Have you booked the ticket to your next dream destination? The stylish Jack Wolfskin travel bags are very sturdy and spacious. A real game changer for avid travellers! Make sure you’re wearing a convenient belt pouch on your day trips and nights out while on holiday, so you never have to ‘dig’ for your wallet again.


Are you only going away for the weekend? Leave the ballast at home and opt for the ultralight Pack & GO! collection. Super-functional and folds up super-small: no need to compromise. With a pair of hiking shoes from Jack Wolfskin on your feet, you’ll be completely unstoppable. And if you feel like making a camping weekend of it, you can choose from a range of different professional tents models, whether you prefer to sleep alone or together in a tent. You can also count on Jack Wolfskin for a warm sleeping bag and a reliable air mattress.


The founders of Jack Wolfskin were inspired by the independence and free spirit of wolves in the book The Call of the Wild back in 1981. Jack Wolfskin has carried the respect for nature found in those pages through to its wide range of outdoor products. For example, you will never find fur or angora wool in their collection. Many of their products are made (sometimes entirely) from recycled materials, including even plastic fished out of bodies of water. The company makes its production process as environmentally friendly as possible and never uses harmful PFS materials. So it’s anything but a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but rather one in green.

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