About GoPro - You can use a GoPro for any adventure: whether you’re heading to a sunny beach, want to share your runs on the slopes with the family, or capture a long hike or bike ride. Memories fade, but thanks to your videos, every beautiful moment is always within reach.


The name GoPro is inextricably linked to the super-tough action cam that the company first successfully launched on the market in 2002. Since then, millions of their products have been sold and together they have revolutionised film: we have never come so close to the action.


Whatever your plans, the GoPro Hero 9 and the GoPro Hero 10 will always capture your best side. Shoot at ultra-high-definition resolutions of up to 5K, capturing every detail – even when you zoom in. These models have a powerful battery, a clear screen on the front, and a touchscreen on the back. You can even choose to record magical time-lapse videos, film everything in super slow motion, or take professional photos. These mini cameras are also very handy for live streamers. It goes without saying that both models can take a beating, but even water and cold are no problem for these powerhouses.


Want to complete your GoPro experience? Then choose protective equipment and useful accessories. This ensures that you can enjoy your action camera for as long as possible. For example, the dual battery charger lets you charge your main battery and spare battery at the same time – twice as fast. Unsightly scratches can easily be prevented by using a protective case or holder. With the versatile three-way mount, you have the professional version of the selfie stick (among other things), with which you can record anything from any angle. Ready for your adventure? The GoPro helmet mountchest strap, and head strap allow you to go completely hands-free, so you don’t miss a moment.


GoPro started out as a hobby project by surfing enthusiast Nick Woodman. He wanted a better way to capture the adventures he and his friends had on the waves. So, he made himself a miniature camera that he could attach to his wrist, which consisted of nothing more than a 35-mm recorder, plastic, and pieces of old wetsuits. The passion for sport and beautiful moments that is the foundation of GoPro is still the guiding principle of this innovative company. GoPro: Wear it. Mount it. Love it.

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