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About Elan - For 75 years, the Slovenian brand Elan has been inspiring the world of skiing with its innovations. It has received numerous awards for revolutionary designs, providing us, for example, with the very first carving skis as well as the first integrated binding system. Whether you're a beginner or whizz down the slopes like an accomplished skier: Elan is your ultimate partner for skis.


Did you know that it even developed the very first folding skis, especially for flexible winter sports fans? Thanks to the Elan Voyager you no longer need to buy a roof box to take your skis with you. You can easily pack this folding model in your bag or suitcase, even if you are travelling by plane or train. Without compromising on-piste performance.


Elan’s Amphibio skis also cause quite a splash in the snow. The Amphibios integrate a touch of rocker on the outside edges and full camber profiles on the inside. It means they provide superb grip on the sides, but are also very forgiving in deep snow. An ideal model for adventurous skiers.


And Elan’s slogan: “Always good times.” And the ‘always’ can be taken quite literally, as the brand invests heavily in conserving our natural environment. Elan is the only international ski manufacturer that makes, designs and tests all its skis entirely by hand, in Bugenje, Slovenia. Production runs completely on green electricity and 70% of the materials used come from less than 400 km from the factory!