About Dakine - You see them everywhere: on playgrounds and in university towns, but also on footpaths in the woods or on snowy mountain tops: Dakine backpacks. Whether you go for a small backpack for your school adventures or a slightly larger model for a sturdier venture, Dakine makes gear they would be proud to give to their own friends


In addition to backpacks and school bags, you will find accessories such as ski gloves, snowboard and ski bags, spine protectors, bum bags and even cool bags in the collection. Their looks range from minimalist and cool to super colourful and covered in an avalanche of prints.


Did you know that the brand originated in sunny Hawaii? No wonder Dakine started out as a brand for surfers! But in the meantime, they also make snowboarders, mountain bikers, hikers, and ‘just’ students happy all over the world. 


According to Dakine, there is absolutely no point in trying to figure out in a lab what the ‘backpacker of the future’ wants. The best way to make new products is to go up the mountain and dive into the water yourself. Live, experience, design, test, improve. That’s how you get the best products, naturally. Every season, year after year. Every day Dakine!

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