Crocs, the most talked-about clogs in the world. Whether you like them or not, you can’t argue with their comfort. These lightweight synthetic shoes take walking comfort to new heights. And increased comfort means increased happiness. Crocs clogs are for women, men, and kids.


In addition to being comfortable, Crocs are also the perfect match for your outfit and your mood. You will find both the clogs and sandals in every colour of the rainbow. Perhaps you prefer discreet black or pristine white? The choice is yours!


The brand is also constantly striving to reduce its carbon footprint and create a safe environment for all its employees. The goal is to be completely climate-neutral by 2030!


A slip into history: Crocs were born out of the minds of a couple of fishermen’s friends who wanted to develop their own shoes, due to a lack of comfortable footwear on the market. Thanks to their Croslite material and non-slip soles, Crocs quickly became a world-famous brand. When even celebs like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Post Malone wear them proudly, you know what time it is: Croc o’clock

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