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Björn Borg

Harder, faster, better, stronger! They love tough workouts at Björn Borg. Not to score a gold medal somewhere, but to get the best out of yourself. And to enjoy a session of chilling all the more afterwards. That doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be worth its weight in gold! Women and men shop here for tracksuit bottomsT-shirts and topsjumpers, and loungewear for top performance on and off the tracks.


Björn Borg’s sports and loungewear isn’t flashy. Because it’s really your achievements that should shine the brightest. For your evening session, opt for leggings and a tank top in neutral colours like aloe, grey, or light blue. Or go for an all-black outfit with a cool hoodie and comfy tracksuit bottoms. Would you still like a bit of colour? Then go swimming in a pair of the swim trunks with extremely cheerful prints!


Through B. Tomorrow, Björn Borg is investing in a more sustainable future. Expect top-quality products that stand up to big challenges and high-temperature washes. Expect materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, and natural rubber. And expect the Swedish brand to aim for 100% sustainable bags, materials, and packaging


By the way, did you know that Björn Borg is named after the legendary Swedish tennis player, also known as the Iceman? What began in 1984 with sportswear as sensational as the Iceman’s game and as spectacular as his records eventually went global due to their iconic boxer shortsTrain to live, and not the other way around!

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