About Basil - If anyone knows how to make cycling more fun, it’s the Dutch! The Dutch brand Basil’s panniers ensure that you can enjoy cycling anywhere every day: from your school or work to the supermarket, and further. Basil single panniers, double panniers, rear bag, or handlebar bag: load up and pedal away!


You’re probably all too familiar with those boring black or dark brown panniers that don’t brighten up anybody’s life. They had had enough of that at Basil. The collection not only features bags in fresh colours and with cheerful prints, but also refreshing designs that cycle from fashionable to elegant and vintage. How about a bag that looks like a shopper or shoulder bag, or one you can use as a backpack?


The bags are made of water-repellent polyester or canvas, have a sturdy lining on the inside, and reflective stripes on the outside so that you are highly visible in the dark. With a capacity of up to 53 litres in Basil’s double panniers, you can easily fit your lunch, books, laptop, or even an entire picnic. 


It all started 40 years ago, when someone walked into Nico van Balveren’s bicycle shop. She was looking for a wicker basket for her bike. Nico developed the basket, much to the customer’s delight. Since then, the family-run company set to work inventing products that make cycling more attractive and enjoyable, 365 days a year. Spread the cycling joy!

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