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About Atomic - If there’s anyone that knows all the ins and outs of skiing and snowboarding, it’s the Austrians. Atomic was born in the heart of the Austrian Alps: a ski brand that’s been committed to innovating the skiing world since 1955. Whether you’re gliding down the blue slope for the first time using the pizza slice technique or doing iconic runs at 100 km/h, you’ll manage it all with style thanks to the ski helmets, ski glasses, and ski boots from Atomic.


Will you choose a hardshell, hybrid, or in-mould ski helmet? Do you prefer a cylindrical or spherical lens in your ski goggles (in your favourite colour)? Do you know the width of your forefoot and what flex index (how stiff or flexible your boot is) you like for your ski boots? So much choice! But rest assured, Atomic is always the correct and safe way to ski.


Atomic is a real powerhouse of winter sports equipment. Not only because of the numbers they produce, but also because of the revolutionary technical innovations. Star athletes like Mikaela Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher have relied on the brand for years, collecting one award after another. If that’s not a good reference, we don’t know what is! 


But winter athletes without golden ambitions can also come to Atomic. You can discover skiing and snowboarding at your own pace as a beginner. Can’t see the mountains through all the ski equipment? Feel free to visit one of our ski and snowboard shops for comprehensive fitting and advice from our experts.

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